The sun is hotter than ever today.

Protect Your Car From Frying!

Beat the Summer's Fierce Heat

"You Stay Cool" Sunshade Works Outside Your Car

You Stay Cool®

Sunshade will reflect 90% of the summer heat from your car’s interior. This new technology makes it is easy to keep your car’s interior cooler and reduce the hugh heat build up in a car without protection from the sun.

Buy one for $15.95 which includes shipping or but two for $25.95 and keep your car cooler this summer. It attaches in seconds and stores away in your truck or back seat.

If you want to save your car’s interior and reduce that high heat you feel in the summer “You Stay Cool ” is the only way to go for this summer and it will last though sun & rain for many more summers to come.

You Stay Cool®

$15.95 | Shipping Included

You Stay Cool® Simple & Fast Application Process