Saving Money When You Become a Glide Driver

Today I like to talk about saving money when you become a Glide Driver. As a Glide Driver you want the book to deliver on the three main propositions that Glide Driving can provide after you practice the techniques in the book. If you are reading from the blog and did buy a copy at Amazon, that’s the first thing, you should do! Learning to become a Glide Driver is a process. It’s not some GIZMO but a new way to enjoy driving.

After you have read the book reviewed the diagrams and pictures you should be ready to practice Glide Driving. I say most people new and old can pick up enough skills in 3 weeks to pay for the book and have a free lunch. It all starts with your ability to be coached via the book and use the web site for more insights.

Ok so you want to save money on your monthly fuel bills! Well first you need to chart your mileage, fuel costs per fill up and determine your MPGs without the tips and techniques from the book but write the info down in a small note pad. Once you have established a MPG norm write it down. Let’s say your EPA estimate is 20 MPG you can get that from your car sticker, your manual or on-line. Then you determine your own MPG record Let’s say its 19.5 MPGs. This is the base line for the start. Using the tips and techniques from the book and practice you should be able to increase your MPGs by 20 to 50% not necessarily in three weeks but, it should not be more than 6 weeks. Please also write down your fill-ups into a small note pad in your car.

As you become more in tune of Spatial & Special awareness you will be able to Glide More and accelerate less from traffic light to the next so you are actually gliding thru a green light instead of having to stop for a red traffic light. This Glide Driving technique will show big benefits as your fuel bills continue to go down. The Glide Driver will also benefit from signing onto to your car or trucking insurances’ app for safe driving. A benefit from being a Glide Driver is  your insurance rates will go down for 10 to 20% after you have established your self as a safe Glide Driver. I even receive a call from my company not an agent but from Liberty Mutual telling me my rates will be reduced by 18% this year. This can be achieved by all of you who practice Glide Driving techniques on a daily basis. The Spatial and Special awareness techniques will be discussed in detail on my next blog. Remember you can get this book from Amazon or Kindle…and become a Glide Driver with daily benefits.