Welcome to Glide Driving

This blog was created for the purpose of giving drivers a safe place to bring Driving Problems and solutions to everyone. Anyone can contribute or learn from other people’s experiences. Yes we will talk about MPGs and RPMs but it’s only fair that people buy the Glide Driving book so everyone can have the same knowledge and vocabulary to discuss topics related to Glide Driving.

The blog will also be a place where one can talk about driving experiences and the crazy things that happen on the road. All posts will be welcome as long as it has a civil tone. We can bring up relatively new as well as old experiences.   Tell your story here is going to be a safe space. If you want to changes the names of your story people do so or not.

I will also allow some complaining…I’ll start with a question to everyone out there in cyber space….Why do drivers zoom past you on the right only to go across both lanes to get to the left lane? I see this all the time. This type of driving is an accident waiting happen. And when these people who pass on the right only to get to the left lane wind up at the same traffic light as you, who is driving slow and steady. You know what many of these drivers are driving a Dodge Charger, it must be a lead foot thing…Just today I’m driving in the center lane with my signal blinker on indicating I’m going into the right lane…You know the slow lane, but no some jack rabbit in a Dodge Charger runs up my butt swings to the right and passes me on the right while I’m signaling I’m moving to the right. Then he moves across two lanes to the left only to brake hard and try to make a left turn. What a Jack Ass!

Glide Driving isn’t just about gas and insurance savings it’s about Special and Spatial awareness. It’s about a relaxed state of mind to get through the Jack Asses on the roadways.  This book will try to say let’s take a different approach to driving. It’s not just transportation, but a way to get from A to B and have fun doing so. It’s about getting friends into the MPG game to save money, win stuff and become a better, safer drive…A GlideDriver.  You can get this book from Amazon or Kindle…Dan Kozan