Win a GLIDEDRIVER Championship T-Shirt!

The first thing is buy the book…$15.95. Once you have the book, read it… try out the Tips and Techniques … Then you can post a question in FAQs page.

Glide Driving can be fun and rewarding, the money you save are yours to keep for a week, a month or a year. After you have read the book and need to ask questions, then you can post a question in FAQs.

After a few weeks of practice you and your friends can establish a Glide Driver Club… What’s a Glide Driver Club it’s a group of friends 5 or more who decide to compete against each other regarding who gets the best new mileage MPG through any given month using the tips and techniques from the book. This has to be documented. You cannot say I won by doing xyz MPGs this month. After the club declares a winner send this info to us at we will review the findings and send out a GLIDEDRIVER championship T-Shirt to your snail mail address.